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Robert Cecil Turle Evans 1871-1941 from the collection of Frances Hartman

Robert Cecil Turle Evans 1871-1941 from the collection of Frances Hartman

Robert Cecil Turle EVANS M.B. BS

Robert Cecil Turle EVANS

2nd Apr 18711 - 2nd Feb 194113,14

Captain in the RAMC 14/Kito Balloon Sec RNAS5

Life History

2nd Apr 1871

Born in Marylebone London (62 Acacia Road Marylebone, London).1

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in St Marylebone, London (62 Acacia Road, St Marylebone, London).2

10th May 1871


3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Bloomsbury, London (12 Montague Place, St George Bloomsbury, London, England).4

before 1891

Educated a boarding school in Epping.5

before 1891

Educated V.C. School.5

before 1891

Resident in Percy Lodge, Winchmore Hill.5

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Paddington, London (24 Tavistock Road).6

before 1893

Educated University College London.5

Graduated with BSc

before 1893

Occupation Analytical Chemist at a brewery in Stratford on Avon.5

before 1893

Occupation Demonstrator in Chemistry in Barts Hospital.5

before 1893

Occupation University coach in Bloomesbury.5

4th May 1893

Occupation Fellow of the Chemical Society

He was a life member and had contributed papers which were published in the Society's Transactions.

http://www.rsc.org/delivery/_ArticleLinking/DisplayArticleForFree.cfm?doi=CA89772BA001&JournalCode=CA  Accessed: 26/09/2008, 22:38

3rd Apr 1895

Married Isabella Caroline TURLE in Whetstone, London.19,7

Rev Charles Goody MA Vicar and Rev WH Turle MA (of Horsnell, Surrey) presided. WH Turle is son of James Turle, organist at Westminster Abbey.

Witnesses were James Turle, FJE Turle, Willmott Henderson Evans and Chas H Evans

3rd Apr 1895

Occupation research chemist.7

3rd Apr 1895

Resident in 6 Gower Street WC, London.7

1st Feb 1896

Occupation Gentleman.8

1st Feb 1896

Occupation Second Lieutenant, Engineer, Fortress and Railway Forces, Royal Engineers.1st London.8

16th May 1896

Birth of daughter Isabel Elizabeth EVANS in Brondesbury Middlesex.5

30th Jan 1898

Birth of son Robert Stovell EVANS in Brondesbury Middlesex.16

3rd Jun 1898

Educated University of London.9

Pr. T


Educated Birkbk Inst..9

Intermed. Se. amd Pr. Sci.


Resident in 9 Heathcote St, St Pancras

29th Apr 1900

Birth of daughter Grace Catherine EVANS in Pancras, London.17,5


Occupation Teacher of Science, working at home.10


Recorded in census in Heathcote St, St Pancras (9 Heathcote St, St Pancras)

12th Feb 1902

Birth of son John Turle EVANS in St Pancras, London.17,5,11

11th Jun 1902

Occupation teacher of science.11

11th Jun 1902

Resident in Great Heathcote Street, Gray's Inn Road, London.11

19th Sep 1904

Birth of son Quentin Frederick EVANS in St Pancras, London.17,5,11

about 1906

Educated University College London.12

24th Mar 1907

Birth of son Charles James Geoghan EVANS in Tottenham, London.5


Occupation MB Physician and surgeon.10


Resident in Sandringham House, Marina Crescent, Herne Bay, Kent.12

between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909

Birth of son Evan EVANS in Blean, Kent.18

30th Oct 1911

Birth of daughter Florence Priscilla Hope EVANS in Blean, Kent.17


Occupation Writer.10


Occupation MB Physician and surgeon;.10


Occupation Captain 1st London Royal Engineers (Voluntary).10

21st Oct 1915

Occupation temporary Captain Royal Army Medical Corp..10

Robert Cecil Turle Evans MB late Captain, 1st London Royal Engineers (volunteers).


Resident in 10 Marina Crescent, Herne Bay, Kent


Resident in Rosslyn Herne Bay Kent

Robert's surgery was at Rosslyn Herne Bay Kent

8th Apr 1916

Occupation Captain in the RAMC 14/Kito Balloon Sec RNAS in Egypt

16th Nov 1916

Death of son Robert Stovell EVANS in France.15


Occupation Doctor of Medicine in Herne Bay

Jul 1920

Occupation Captain in the RAMC 14/Kito Balloon Sec RNAS.5

Robert left the RAMC in 1920

28th Jul 1920

Resident in 10 Marina Crescent, Herne Bay, Kent

4th Nov 1923

Death of daughter Isabel Elizabeth EVANS in Blean, Kent.5



2nd Feb 1941

Died in Herne Bay.13,14

5th Feb 1941

Buried in Herne Bay.14

The burial service was at midday.



    Robert fitted up a house in Bloomesbury with laboratories. He specialised in teaching Chemistry, Physics and Bacteriology. He was a natural teacher and it is said that none of his students failed the subjects he taught.


    US Patent No. 719771 dated 3 February 1903

    Robert filed the above patent on 27 February 1902 and renewed it on 31 December 1902. It was for an optical device for advertising or similar whereby an image of different colours appearing totally disordered appear as an ordered and intelligible arrangement of letters or designs when viewed through a prism.

    Patent 30659/35 GB 486515
    dated 7 Dec 1936 accepted 7 June 1938

    Robert filed the Patent for a new design for an improved illuminating flare.


    Following his children suffering a severe attack of Scarlet Fever Robert decided to become a Doctor which he achieved in 1908.


    Robert wrote:

    Apprenticeship v Conscription pp13 Stanbrook and Sons; Herne Bay,1912 fol Shelfmark 8825 h 401913 MB BS DPH LSA London1913

    Man: What? Whence? Whither? or, The faith that is in me
    by: Robert Cecil Turle Evans

    Britain's Peril

    The Guidance Bible. A Glimpse of God's Plan for the Whole of the World as Foretold in the Bible (Pamphlet)


    After joining the RAMC in 1915, Robert served in Malta, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and India.

    RAMC 14/Kito Balloon Sec RNAS
    Robert had been "Mentioned in Despatches" (MID) and at least two "oak leaf" MID emblems had been sent to him.



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