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Memorial at Winchester Cathedral

Memorial at Winchester Cathedral

William Greer TURLE

25th Mar 1839 - 27th Jan 19094

guardian and rural district councillor7

Life History

25th Mar 1839

Born in Armagh, Ireland

from Jan 1849 to Dec 1854

Educated Royal School of Armagh.1

1st Feb 1856

Occupation Ensign 1st Battalion 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps).1

23rd Mar 1858

Occupation Lieutenant.1

21st Aug 1860

Occupation Instructor of Musketry

7th Apr 1861

Occupation soldier in Dover, Kent.2

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Dover, Kent (First Battalion 60th Royal Rifles, Western Heights and Citadel, Dover).2

13th Apr 1865

Birth of son William Harry TURLE in St Leonards, Hastings.8

10th Apr 1868

Occupation Captain in 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade.1

25th Jul 1868


on half pay



5th Jan 1869

Birth of son Henry Greer TURLE in St James St Winchester

2nd Apr 1871

Occupation Captain with the 60th Rifles in St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire.3

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire (17 Romsey Road, St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire).3


Occupation Captain with the 60th Rifles - retored in St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire.3


Recorded in census in The Cottage, Barton Stacey Hampshire

RG11 1260/33 22


Resident in The Cottage, Barton Stacey Hampshire




Resident in Newton Stacey, Stockbridge, Hampshire

14th Mar 1886

Death of Harriott Eaton SMITH in Newton Stacey, Stockbridge, Hampshire.9

Dec 1889

Married Florence Caroline WHEATSTONE in Hastings

5th Apr 1891

Occupation Major Half late 60th Rifles in Barton Stacey, Hants.5

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Barton Stacey, Hants.5


Occupation Rural District Councillor for Chilbolton.6


Occupation Major Halfpay Army


Resident in Rupert Cottage, Barton Stacey, Hants



William has a memorial in Winchester Cathedral

before 27th Jan 1909

Occupation guardian and rural district councillor.7

27th Jan 1909

Died in Newton Stacey, Stockbridge, Hampshire.4

Cardiac disease, exhaustion Certified by Dr Loveless

Other facts


Married Harriott Eaton SMITH


  • Military Service

    William saw active service with the Rifle Brigade in the Indian Mutiny being badly wounded. In December 1857 The Times reported that Ensign W G Turle of HM 60th Rifles had been severley wounded on 10 August 1857 during the mutiny in India. He was present at the actions on the Hindun, the battle of Budlee ke Serni and the taking of the heights before Delhi.

    On 21 August 1860 Lieutenant William Greer Turle was appointed Instructor of Musketry.

    Reported in the London Gazette - On 7 Dec 1865, 60th Foot,  Lieutenant Clifford Fortescue Borrer to be Instructor of Musketry, vice Lietenant W G Turle who resigns that appointment.

    Reported in the London Gazette - On 10 April 1868, 60th Foot, Lieutenant William Greer Turle to be Captain without purchase, vice Brevet-Major Brooke. Ensign William Forster to be lieutenant without purchase , vice Turle.

    Reported in the London Gazette - On 22 July 1868, 60th Foot,  Captain John Richard Crane, from half-pay, late 67th Foot, to be Captain, vice William Greer Turle who retires on temporary half-pay.

  • The Turle Knot

    In his later years William became very keen on fly fishing. He developed a knot for tying the fly to the line which is still widely used today.


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