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Westminster Abbey Plaque

Westminster Abbey Plaque

Henry Frederic TURLE

23rd Jul 1835 - 28th Jun 18836,3

Literary Editor of Notes and Queries3

Life History

23rd Jul 1835

Born in York Road, Lambeth

19th Aug 1835

Baptised in St Mary, Lambeth.1

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Lambeth, Surrey (York Road, Lambeth, Surrey).2

from Sep 1841

Resident in The Cloisters, Westminster, London

from 31st Mar 1845 to Dec 1848

Educated Westminster School.3

chorister; under Dr Williamson and Dr Liddell

from Dec 1848 to 1850

Educated school of George Roberts in Lyme Regis, Dorset.3

on account of his health

from 3rd Oct 1850

Educated Westminster School.3

chorister;  under Dr Williamson and Dr Liddell

30th Mar 1851

Occupation scholar in Westminster St Peter, London.4

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Westminster St Peter, London (Cloisters, Westminster, London).4

from 1856 to 1863

Occupation Clerk at the War Office in the Tower of London.3

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Clerk at War Office in Westminster, London.5

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Westminster, London (Cloisters, Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, London).5

from 1870 to 1878

Occupation Sub-editor of Notes and Queries.3

Assistant to William John Thoms, the founder and editor of Notes and Queries.


Recorded in census in Westminster, London (Little Cloisters, Westminster St Margaret)


Occupation Literary Editor of Notes and Queries.3


Recorded in census in Westminster, London (Little Cloisters, Westminster St Margaret)

28th Jun 1883

Died in Lancaster House, The Savoy, London (Lancaster House, TheSavoy, London).6,3

Heart disease, very suddenly,

3rd Jul 1883

Buried in Norwood Cemetry at 1:00 following a service at the Chapel Royal Savoy at 11:00.7

17th Nov 1883

Probate in London, Middlesex.8


  • Henry was an expert on Westminster Abbey and had a keen interest in Church architecture and archaeology. After the death of his parents, Henry donated a stained glass window in Westminster Abbey in memory of them.

    There is a Commemerative plaque in Westminster Abbey which mentions Henry Frederick.

  • In Memoriam

    On Thursday, June 28, the anniversary of his
    father's death, Henry Frederic Turle, Editor of
    Notes and Queries, passed away from among us,
    ere the pages of that week's number had received
    their final revision. Those of his friends who had
    seen him but shortly before, full of life, and of
    interest in life and in his work, can even yet scarce
    believe that they have lost him.

    An "Old Westminster" by education as well as
    by long residence and association, Henry Turle
    felt strongly the historical attractions of the royal
    church and college within whose precincts he had
    spent so many happy years. Very fitly, he lay in
    another church full of historic memories, the
    Chapel Royal, Savoy, before being taken to his
    last home in Norwood Cemetery. And no less
    fitly, in the case of one whose reverence for things
    ancient was so deep, the service commenced by
    the Dean of Westminster and the clergy of the
    Savoy was concluded at Norwood by a canon of
    Westminster, Canon Prothero, a personal friend
    of the late Editor of "N & Q". Among those
    who had known Henry Turle long and inti-
    mately, there followed him to Norwood - where
    he lies with his father, known for such long
    years to the musical world as the Organist of West-
    minster Abbey - the publisher of Noes and Queries,
    Mr. John C Francis, for whose father the late
    Editor had felt a very strong regard; the Organist
    of the Chapel Royal, St. James's, an old assistant
    of Henry Turle's father; the Editor of the Athe-
    naeum; and the Foreign Secretaty of the Royal
    Society of Literature, who had been entrusted
    with the temporary charge of Notes and Queries
    last week.

    Of such a one as Henry Turle, taken from
    among us in the full activity  fo his powers, it
    seems only possible to sum up his career in the
    words, "Consummatus in brevi, explevit tempora -

    Our valued correspondant A. J. M. writes:-
    "I ask leave to say a word, prompted only by
    private friendship and private sorrow, about the
    sad and sudden death of our genial Editor. His
    judgement and tact and temper in the conduct of
    'N & Q' were singularly fine and accurate, and
    the loss of them is grevious to us all. But there
    are many, and I am one of them, who will feel
    even more deeply than this. They will feel, as I
    do now, that they have lost a friend; a man whose
    hearty cheerful kindness and personal regard were
    always at one's service and were always welcome.
    His memory will live with that of 'N & Q'
    which is no light nor trivial touch of fame."
    from Notes and Queries, 6th S VIII July 7, 1883
  • Obituary

    On Thursday last died very suddenly, of heart
    disease, Henry Frederic Turle, editor of Notes
    and Queries. A son of the late well-known organist
    of Westminster Abbey, Henry Turle had spent all his
    early years in the precincts of the College and
    Royal Peculiar. An "Old Westminster" by education,
    he remained to the last a devoted lover of the Church
    and College which he had known so well. His unremitting
    attention to the editorial work in which he succeeded the
    late Dr Doran cannot fail to be known and appreciated by
    the readers of Notes and Queries. The funeral will take
    place to-day. There will be a service in the Chapel Royal,
    Savoy, at 11 o'clock, and the interment will take place at
    Norwood at 1 o'clock.

    The Times July 03, 1883 pg 10; Issue 30862; Col B


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