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Robert WHITE

1758 - between 10th Jan 1820 and 25th Jan 18203

volunteer soldier2

Life History


Born in Dorchester, Dorset

19th Sep 1758

Baptised in Dorchester, Dorset.1

13th Apr 1792

Married Mary SWYER in Charmouth, Dorset.5,6

Witnesses Thos Sheppard and Saml Legg.


Occupation Surgeon.2

from 1st Mar 1797

Occupation volunteer soldier in the Volunteer Infantry, Dorchester Company under Capt. W Bower.2

25th Sep 1802

Birth of daughter Mary Honor WHITE in Dorchester, Dorset.5


Resident in St Peter's parish Dorchester

10th Jan 1820

Wrote will in St Peter's Dorchester

between 10th Jan 1820 and 25th Jan 1820

Died in London, Middlesex.3

26th Jan 1820

Buried in All Saints, Dorchester, Dorset.4

"brot from London but of St Peter's Parish"

8th Jun 1820

Probate in London, Middlesex


  • In the return of the monthly pay lists for the Dorchester Volunteers  dated 25 August to 24 September 1798  there is a note which reads:

    1 Mr Robt White a surgeon of this town who on the first
    2 establishment of the Dorchester Volunteers offered to
    3 enrol himself in the Corps as surgeon but not to
    4 carry arms I thought it right to accept his offer
    5 and when any accident happens on duty he attends
    6 without making any charge
    7 May I be permitted under these circumstances to
    8 continue his pay as a volunteer notwithstanding
    9 he may not attend the parade on the days of
    10 exercise
    11 Wm Bower

    Presumably the answer was that Robert should not be paid because in the return of the monthly pay lists for the Dorchester Volunteers dated 25 February to 24 March 1800 there is a note against the entry for Robert White which reads:

    1 When the Dorchester Volunteer were first raised [   ] Robt White
    2 enrolled himself as Surgeon to the Corps and has uniformly
    3 done the good offices of his profession when any accident has
    4 happened to the volunteers while on duty without any
    5 emolument In addition to this service he now gives
    6 certificates to such volunteers that are unable to attend
    7 duty by sickness agreeable to a plan I have lately established
    8 In consequence of this service I have in this return and intend
    9 in all future returns to consider him on duty tho' not actually
    10  at the parade on the day of Exercise unless I have directions
    11 to the contrary
    12 Wm Bower
    13 Major Commandant

    After this time Robert receives his payment of one shilling per week.

    The yearly pay list for 25 December 1799 to 24 December 1800 show
    Robert as having been paid 2 8s for 48 Days of Exercise whilst his brother Richard was paid 2 15s for 55 Days of Eexercise.
  • Will of Robert White

    In the name of God Amen I
    Robert White in the arish of St Peters in the Town of Dorchester in the
    County of Dorset being of sound and disposing state of mind though weak of body
    do declare this to be my last Will and Testament [revoking] all others at any
    time be me made that is to say that I give to my dear wife Mary White during her
    widowhood knowing that her present Interest in it being Copyhold at Rampressham
    in the parish of Fordington the sum of 150 per yr to be paid quarterly (the Rent to be
    appropriate for that purpose) to agree to take that sum if Rent not sufficient to
    be paid from other Copyholds which I bought lately from Mr
    Pittman I give to my brother W (kindness) my watch 21[6s] his wife 10 (mourning)
    Jno White nephew (cloathes) Eleanor Tarr 10 for mourning self husbands
    child (to W.R. Swyer 2 years interest money Servant Ann Bridle 5 for mourning
    and 5 Cash Carter  Jno White 2[6s] / William Br 1[6s] / Residual Legatee my
    daughter of age 21 to accumulate until she may
    be one and twenty (owing Swyers/ Christopher Cooper Hny Toes Executors John
    Pittman 50 pds due on money lent to Pittman at Lady day Ann White Niece
    when of of time 10 Mary Turrell 5 / Legacies in 3 months Signd 10th Jany
    1820 The mark of x Robet White Witnessed by us Porter Wallis Frances Peskett.

    Proved at London 8th June 1820 before the Judge be the oathsof Christopher
    Cooper Dr of Medicine and Henery Tooze in the will written Toes the executors
    to whom admon was granted being first sworn duly to administer.


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