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1787 -

Life History


Born in West Monkton, Somerset

24th Oct 1808

Married John SMITH in St Augustine, West Monkton, Somerset.2

Jane and John were married by licence

about 1816

Birth of daughter Ann SMITH in West Monkton, Somerset


Birth of son William SMITH

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in West Monkton, Somerset (Heathfeld, West Monkton, Somerset).1


  • Will of Thomas Godfrey Snr (1747-1813) - DD/ED 3/732l

    1 This is the last will and testament of me Thomas Godfrey
    2 of Adsborough in the Parish of Creech St Michael in the County
    3 of Somerset yeoman First I give and bequeath to my Daughter
    4 Joan Godfrey the sum of Two hundred pounds To my daughter
    5 Elizabeth Day the sum of One hundred and fifty pounds To my
    6 Daughter Amey Nash the sum of one hundred pounds To my
    7 Daughter Jane Smith the sum of two hundred pounds and
    8 to my Daughter Hannah Bobbett the sum of two hundred pounds
    9 which said legacies I will and direct shall be paid to the respective
    10 Legatees within six months next after my Decease by my Executors
    11 hereinafter named I give and devise to my son Thomas Godfrey
    12 all that my three Acres of Ground now planted to an Orchard
    13 called Haviland situate in Thurloxton in the said County with its
    14 Appurtenances To hold to him his heirs and assigns forever I give
    15 and devise unto my son William Godfrey All that my three acres
    16 of Ground called the Allotment in Northmoor in the Parish of
    17 North Petherton in the said County and also all that my Orchard
    18 and Ground at Oakwood within the Parish of Lyng in the said
    19 County with its Appurtenances To hold to him the said William
    20 Godfrey his heirs and assigns forever Also I give and bequeath unto
    21 my said son William Godfrey all that my three acres of Leasehold
    22 or Copyhold Ground situate in Stanmoor in the Parish of Stoke
    23 Saint Gregory in the said County and also all that my half acre of
    24 Leasehold or Copyhold Ground at North Curry in the said County
    25 with their respective appurtenances To hold to him his executors
    26 Administrators and assigns for and during all of my estate and
    27 Estates right To the interest therein I give and devise unto my
    28 Son John Godfrey all that my seven acres of meadow and pasture ground
    29 in Aller Moor within the Parish of Aller in the said County called [Anssimony]
    30 with its Appurtenances To hold to him the said John Godfrey
    31 his heirs and assigns forever I give and bequeath unto my wife
    32 Amey Godfrey One annuity or clear yearly sum of Thirty Pounds
    33 of lawful current money of Great Britain to be paid her by four
    34 quarterly payments in the year that is to say Midsummer Day
    35 Michaelmas Day Christmas Day and Lady Day for and during the
    36 Term of her natural life the first payment to begin and bemade
    37 on the first quarter Day happening next after my Decease and
    38 I do hereby subject and charge my said three Acres of Ground in
    39 Thurloxton aforesaid with the payment of the sum of Five Pounds
    40 a year in part thereof my seven acres in Aller Moor with the
    41 payment of the Sum of Five pounds a year in further part
    42 thereof and all my residuary Leasehold Estates with the payment
    43 of the further Twenty pounds a year the residue
    44 [                     ] full power and authority for the said Amey Godfrey
    45 or her assigns in case the said Annuity or yearly sum of Thirty
    46 pounds shall happen to be behind and unpaid on any or either
    47 of the said Quarter Day of payment or by the space of twenty
    48 Days next after lawful Demand being first thereof made and
    49 then not paid unto and upon the said respective premises according
    50 to the charges aforesaid to enter and distrain and the Distress and
    51 Distresses from time to time there had and taken to appraise sell
    52 and dispose of according to the Laws to distresses for  [back] rent
    53 rendering the [Oversplus] if any shall happen to be after the arrears
    54 of the said Annuity and Costs of distress are paid and satisfied All
    55 the rest and residue of my real and personal Estate whatsoever
    56 and wheresoever Subject to the payment of my Just Debts legacies
    57 funeral expenses and the said sum of twenty pounds in part of
    58 the said Annuity of Thirty pounds to my Wife for life I give devise and 59 bequeath the sane and every part thereof unto my said two Sons
    60 William Godfrey and John Godfrey their heirs executors administrators
    61 and assigns for ever as Tenants in common and not as Joint
    62 tenants and I hereby appoint these the said William Godfrey
    63 and John Godfrey Executors of this my Will [   ] Testimony
    64 whereof I have to this my will contained in this and two other
    65 Sheets of paper at the Foot or Bottom of the first two sheets
    66 set my hand and to this third and last sheet my hand and
    67 Seal this Seventeenth Day of June in the year of our Lord one
    68 thousand eight hundred and thirteen  Thos Godfrey
    69 Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the said Thomas Godfrey
    70 the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the
    71 presence of us who have set and subscribed our names as witnesses
    72 Wm Dyer Daniel Brosnan Jno Barley

  • Will of Joan Godfrey (1778-1842) - DD/ED 194/182 Somerset Record Office

    1 This is the last Will and Testament of me Joan Godfrey of the Parish of Westmonkton
    2 in the County of Somerset Spinster I give and bequeath unto my friend
    3 William Kidner of the Parish of Durston in the said County the sum of
    4 Sixty pounds upon the Trusts hereinafter named that is to-say in trust in
    5 the first place that he or his executors or administrators shall lay out the said sum of
    6 Sixty pounds upon some good and efficient security and to pay the interest thereof
    7 half yearly unto my Sister Hannah Bobbett the wife of Timothy Bobbett of
    8 Westmonkton aforesaid Pig dealer so long as her said husband shall live and
    9 from and after his decease to pay the said sum Sixty Pounds with all
    10 Interest due thereon unto my said Sister Hannah Bobbett whose receipts
    11 signed by her own hand shall be alone sufficient discharge for the same
    12 but in case my said Sister Hannah Bobbett should die before her said husband
    13 Timothy Bobbett then in trust to pay the said sum of Sixty Pounds together with
    14 all interest due thereon between and amongst all the respective children of
    15 my said Sister Hannah Bobbett that shall be then living share and share
    16 alike I give also to my said Sister Hannah Bobbett after her husbands decease
    17 my Oak Chest of drawers but if she should die before her said husband I then
    18 give the same to my Niece Ann Bobbett I give unto my Nephew Walter
    19 Bobbett one silver tablespoon marked H.G. 1811. To my Niece Catherine Bobbett
    20 six silver teaspoons and one pair of Sugar Tongs marked THB To my
    21 Niece Elizabeth Bobbett six silver teaspoons marked TB to HG To my
    22 Niece Amy Bobbett one silver tablespoon marked H.G. 1811 To my Sister
    23  Amy Nash my mourning Ring. To my Sister Jane Smith six silver
    24 teaspoons marked JG. To my Brother Thomas Godfrey my Prayer Book
    25 To my Nephew John Godfrey son of my Brother John Godfrey my large
    26 Bible and Bible Stand. To my Niece Amelia Day the sum of Fifteen
    27 Pounds and my Nieces Amy Standfast, Harriet Hall, Charlotte Day and
    28 my Nephew George Day Children of my Sister Betty Day deceased the sum
    29 of ten pound apiece To my Niece Ann Kidner wife of the said William
    30 Kidner my Bed Bedding Bedstead and furniture Oak Chest of drawers and
    31 Oak Box I give all my Clothes equally between and amongst all my
    32 Sisters that shall be living at the time of my decease I give and bequeath
    33 all the residue and remainder of my Goods Chattels Money Securities for money
    34 and effects of what nature and kinds soever that I may be possessed of at the time
    35 of my decease unto and equally between my Brother Thomas Godfrey and
    36 Sisters Jane Smith and Amy Nash their Executors Administrators and assigns
    37 as tenants in Common and not as joint tenants for their own use and
    38 benefit Subject nevertheless to and I hereby charge the same with the payment
    39 of my just debts and funeral and testamentary Expenses and the aforesaid legacies
    40 to be paid within three Calendar Months after my decease And I hereby
    41 nominate Constitute and appoint my Brother Thomas Godfrey and Sisters
    42 Jane Smith and Amy Nash joint Executor and Executrixes of this my Will and
    43 lastly I revoke all former Wills by me at any time made In Witness whereof
    44 I have at the first sheet of this my Will set my Hand and at this second
    45 and last sheet thereof my Hand and Seal this Tenth day of October in
    46 the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty seven
    47 The mark of x Joan Godfrey
    48 Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said Joan Godfrey the Testator
    49 as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at her
    50 request in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed
    51 our names as witnesses thereto Lot. Loveless Geo Nuttall



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