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Elizabeth SUTTON

14th Jan 1803 -

Life History

14th Jan 1803

Born in Taunton, Somerset

16th Jan 1806

Baptised in St Mary Magdalen Taunton


  • Maria Glenn and James Bowditch

    At the Summer Assizes in Dorset in 1817 James Bowditch and others were tried for forcibly taking Maria Glenn from her family. They were found guilty based on the evidence of Maria Glenn. William Turle, Ann Sutton, Frances Sutton and Elizabeth Sutton all swore affidavits showing that Maria had lied about her relationship with James Bowditch.

    In October 1820 Maria was tried for perjury. Ann (by then William's wife)  and Frances Sutton corroborated the evidence of William and others that Maria and James had a close relationship at the time of the incident and thus she could not have been taken forcibly. Maria Glenn was found guilty.

    At the time of the case Maria was in France and it was not until 1823 that Maria, wanting to come home, asked to come before the Court for her judgement. She requested that the Judges papers from the first case were in court when she appeared but the Court refused to comment until Maria was present.

    In 1818 James Bowditch wrote a book called, "Abduction of Maria Glenn: The trial of James Bowditch and nine others, at the suit of the King, and on the prosecution of George Lowman Tuckett, esq., ...Before Mr Justice Park and a special jury."

    In 1821 the prosecutor, George Lowman Tuckett, wrote a book, "A narrative of the conspiracy, for the forcible abduction of Miss Maria Glenn"  Printed by A.J. Valpy (January 1, 1821) ASIN: B0008C5PQO

  • 24 Jul 1820  Elizabeth was a witness at the wedding of her sister Ann

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